Trying To Decide On A Wedding Cake?

Beach Colored Cakes - Just want to use beach themed colors? Stick with white, tan, off-white, teal, and of course, blue. The use of blue can be subtle as the color of the frosting, or air brushed onto the outside of the cake for a blended or accented look.

And if you are looking for a hard-to-find ingredient, such as clear vanilla flavoring, or a special colorant, you can purchase these online from cake decorating suppliers such as Wilton.

Wedding toppers are still as popular today as they were in the past, the only difference being what is used. In the past simple bride and groom figures were placed on the top tier, but today so many other item have been used. An heirloom passed down from some family member that has perhaps become a tradition, passing on from one person to the next. If the couple has a shared hobby or interest it can be somehow worked in to the theme of the cake as well. There are so many possibilities as to what you can use, but if you prefer, you can use nothing at all. There is no right or wrong way to decorate; the only thing that matters are the finished product represents what you want it to.

There are going to be a lot of ways to save, and like many bridesmaids, there's a good chance that you're going to be on a budget. You can ask friends and family to see if they know of anyone that can make a cake, or you can even go to a local bakery. Many of your smaller bakeries can make you a cake at half the price.

Cakes are usually priced by the slice, though it varies from baker to baker. Price will depend on the number of things, such as: the type of the cake, ingredients used, how complicated the design is, etc. Prepare the picture of the cake(s) you want to order and ask at least few bakers for the price quote.

Forewarn them about the number of people, any photographs that you plan to put on the cake and any message that you want to convey to the bride. Because, once baked, you cannot change it and it will spoil the mood and be a disaster.

Historically, there are two significant events in the United States which boosted the popularity and use of wedding cake toppers in the form of small figurines of the bride and groom atop the wedding cake.

Traditionally, the groom's cake was meant to be carried home by guests. For this reason, it was made with durable ingredients such as fruit. Yes, all grooms cakes were once fruitcakes! Unmarried females would actually sleep with their piece of cake! They reportedly would dream of the man they were supposed to marry!

A lot of thought goes into the whole of this artistic creation. Deciding the flavor is also an important step. At one time they were all similar, with traditional mixes used. The United Kingdom for example used to have fruitcake as the cake of choice. Now vanilla or chocolate sponge cakes are more frequently used. Some will even use carrot cake these days. The more you want to keep the cost of your creation down, the simpler the mix you will choose. Cost will rise if you decide on a fancier mix, or depending on the type of decorations you choose.