Towel Cakes Offer A Unique Alternative For Every Gift Giving Occasion

Hawaiian Cakes - How about leis as a cake topper? Or a hula bride figurine enticing the groom on the top of the cake? The cake could be wrapped with a sarong, or beach umbrella, Hawaiian cocktails, pineapples, or anything else Hawaiian could be incorporated.

Here's a tip to get you started: Use fresh ingredients, and choose natural over artificial. For example the freshest of eggs and real butter (instead of margarine) does make a difference!

Finally, plan your wedding cake at least a month in advance. Also, be sure to designate a person who would be responsible for cutting and serving the Asian wedding cake. This could be taken care of by the Asian wedding caterers you hire for your special day. Otherwise, if you expect the Asian wedding cakes designers to cut and serve, be prepared to pay extra for their time.

More and more cakes these days are have more extravagant decorations incorporated into their design. Now lights can be worked into the structure and waterfalls of different colors flowing around the creation. Today it seems like almost anything can be possible with a little creativity.

For an extremely beautiful wedding cake all of the things will be state of the art and dedicated right until to the very last decors and icing artistry. It is like a wedding cake for a King and Queen. This cake will cost you as much as $12 up to $15 just for one slice. But the decoration and the icing swirl will be at its best.

A number of Las Vegas bakeries specialize in wedding cakes and have on their staff highly skilled cake bakers -- true cake artisans -- who can create the most sophisticated designs. Among the most popular wedding cake bakeries in Las Vegas is Freed's Bakery. They bake over 2,500 wedding cakes each year and have international reputation, having been featured on The Food Network, Travel Channel, in Bon Apetit Magazine and in Martha Stewart Wedding Magazine. Among many of their customers are such popular celebrities as Tiger Woods, Chuck Norris, Diana Ross, Lance Burton, Sylvester Stallone, Liberace, Dionne Warwick and many more.

Bridal shower is a party. There are no set ground rules or etiquettes. It is celebrated as per bride’s likes and dislikes. Traditionally, this was just a gift-giving party arranged by the bride’s friends to help her start her new life. Now-a-days, it has changed drastically and celebrated as a get together of the bride with her close family and friends. It is an opportunity for the bride to let her hair down and enjoy her single hood to the fullest.

The modern wedding cake is an out growth of wedding traditions dating back to the Roman Empire. Wedding cake toppings, also called Wedding cake ornaments or Wedding cake toppers, are the outgrowth of a number of old traditions from around the world.