Tips For Making Your Own Wedding Cake

Swimming Pool Cakes – Not with real water, we promise! Picture this: the top cake layer made to look like an endless swimming pool. This can be done by cutting the top square edge off of the cake (like a router would carve out the edge of a wooden table), to simulate an endless pool. Figurines of the bride and groom's heads could be sticking out of the top of the pool, with shades and sunhats on, holding cocktails of course!

Increasingly more couples are making their own wedding cakes! Baking your own can be a fun and cost-cutting alternative, but don't go it alone. A good, step-by-step video guide to cake decorating and tier cake assembly will be very helpful, as will some good cake making how-to's.

Keep in mind that factors like flowers, number of servings, flower decoration, figurines and delivery will also affect the final price of your Asian wedding cake.

Making your cake a beautiful monument for your special day takes planning. You can use flowers to border the tiers, choosing from real, edible, even silk ones. Any color scheme can be used; it is just a matter of using your imagination to create what you envision.

For a well decorated wedding cake be prepared for the amount that will cost you about $8 up to $10 each slice. That may seem pricey just for a wedding cake, but seeing the decors and the pastry artistry, as well as the expert icing designs and flavored stuffs, will satisfy you.

Finally, another typical Las Vegas item is gone for good; namely those plastic bride-and-groom or Elvis cake tops. Simple but elegant tops that match the items from the bride's wedding dress or the wedding theme have replaced them. Very often beautiful flowers, such as roses, jasmine, dogwood and clematis top the cake.

While deciding on a cake for the Bridal shower, determine whether you want to buy it or bake it yourself provided you are good at baking. If you want to order it, contact at least 3 bakers and ask for tasting sessions. Discuss the theme and decorations of the venue and the other food items that you plan to provide. Give them a clear idea as to what you exactly want.

Decorative Wedding Cake Toppers became more popular immediately after World War I. In the 1920’s, the High Society in the US went beyond using flowers, or wedding cake toppings from the baker hands, and they eagerly adopted the use of putting bride and groom figurines on top of wedding cakes.

3. Consider various cake flavors. Be open-minded about cake flavors. Consider these great cake flavors: hazelnut, pumpkin, coconut cream, almond, banana walnut and carrot to name a few.

There are many details to consider when planning your big day and wedding cakes are one a special one. This is the cake that is brought out at the reception, to be cut by the bride and groom and then usually fed to each other. Then it is shared with guests who .